Sunday, January 10, 2010

Why is Peace the last option instead of being the ONLY option?

Today after watching the video on YouTube showing reactions of families of soldiers and depicting death of thousands of innocent kids and adults I was compelled to write this post.
Seriously what is wrong with people especially those big-shots who have the power to control and stop the wars. It has been so many months since the troops in USA and Canada have been sent to serve in the Afghanistan. Thousands of soldiers and innocent citizens have lost their lives.Thousands of kids have lost their fathers who served in these wars . Thousands of families have lost their loved ones .There are people being killed for no fault of their own . Besides millions of dollars are being spent on these wars instead of utilizing them for better purposes such as health care or investing them in getting the basic amenities for the people who are homeless and endure the harsh winters .It's ironic that all these leaders can STILL think of taking luxurious , exotic family vacations or spending their time travelling to random countries instead of actually attending to the matters on hand . How can these people LIVE and SLEEP inspite of knowing the fact that their decisions are responsible for the deaths of thousands of lives!!

Is it really necessary to carry on the mistakes made by previous administration ? Do these leaders even remember what the original reason was to start this war? Can we not just respect each other's cultural differences and live as ONE ? Why is it necessary to have all the political B.S if things can be resolved in a better manner a peaceful manner ?

Yes I know , most people might say " Oh what can we do , it's all already decided by the leaders " . Well we are the ones who have to endure the brunt of the economy and the pain all these wars are causing on a global level. Is it not our duty to start on a grass-root level and help by assisting atleast 1 homeless person and taking the responsibility to provide atleast 1 meal to these people ?
Atleast trying to promote peace locally by resolving local conflicts in our respective neighbourhoods . Also just as we have chosen the leaders for our respective countries and local constituencies it is our duty to remind them that we don't want war . WE WANT PEACE. So just get all the soldiers home and resolve the issue with a fresh approach. Clearly the approaches tried so far have failed miserably . It is high time we start with a clean canvas while approaching the problems and creating solutions that are mutually beneficial . No one has ever really given peace a complete chance . Mahatma Gandhi tried it . Martin Luther King tried it , but they were shot !

Why is it that Peace has been left so far as the extremely last option when all the funds and lives have been exhausted ? Why can't PEACE be the ONLY OPTION !

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  1. Artsy, That is the BIG question? We do look toward our leaders for direction. Why can't world peace be the only option instead of the last option to war? Unfortunately not all the world wants it. Like you said it needs to be an effort of each individual. It is disgusting what goes on with no regard of human dignity due to disagreements on what is right and wrong in the name of religious beliefs, social standing, race or brainwashed radicals that can not "feel with their heart". Also that fear drives us to war.

    Thank you Artsy I feel that each voice does make a difference. If so inspired we can do what Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr did. They died for a cause, without war, however they did make a difference bringing about change and inspired many to stand up for what they deserved! It would take more than a grass roots effort that goes unnoticed. However many are held back out of fear for their life. Demonstrations have been held on the white house by people holding picket signs to no avail and individuals thrown in prison and worse. Love is the answer but needs a strong non-denominational leader/s.